The CATS Menus

While Version 1 of CATS used a single pull-down menu, Version 2 of CATS has six different menus, providing access to its much broader range of capabilities and many new features.

To give you a better idea of what you'll find in Version 2, we'll walk through the various menus, starting with the first menu, entitled CATS, which is shown below:

Most of the features on this menu are new in Version 2.0, and allow you to make adjustments without having to quit and restart the CATS procedure. They also give the user more control over many aspects of the program than in Version 1.

For example, you can change the model (including the deterministic variable structure, the inclusion of seasonal dummies, and the lag structure), control the sample range (by setting starting and ending dates, using a sample "dummy" series, or directly excluding specific observations), display a summary of the model, or set any of the following preferences:

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