Software Updates

This page allows registered users of WinTD to download minor updates free of charge. You can also purchase updates by contacting us at, or 800-822-8038.

Version 4.20

Version 4.20 is the currently shipping version. It is not available as a free download, but an update from 4.00-4.11 is just $25 for a single-user license. Click here for information on how to order an update.

Version 4.03

Version 4.03 was a minor update to WinTD 4.01.

Licensed users of WinTD 4.0 for Windows can update to 4.03 by downloading a free patch program. If you currently have Version 4.01, use the links provided below. If you are still using 4.00, you need to update to 4.01 first (see 4.01 Updates). You can then return to this page and download the 4.03 update.

Downloadable Patch Files

To update from WinTD 4.01 to 4.03, download the appropriate patch file from the choices below:

  • If you installed WinTD 4.01 from a CD, your copy of the file WINTD32.EXE should be dated February 28, 2003. If so, download:PatchWinTDCD401403.exe

  • If you update to 4.01 from an earlier version using a downloadable patch update, your copy of the file WINTD32.EXE should be dated February 27, 2003. If so, download:PatchWinTD401403.exe

Instructions on Using the Patch Files

First, download one of the patch files above into a temporary directory. Then, using Windows Explorer or the Run operation on the Start menu, execute the patch file.

This loads an Installer program, that will ask you to specify the location of your existing WinTD files. Once you do that, the program should automatically update the executable file (and in some cases the Help file). Once the patch program has finished updating the files, you can try running WinTD. If you do Help-About WinTD, the program should report the version number as 4.01.

If you have any problems, you can contact technical support at or 847-864-1910.