WinTD Version 3.0

WinTD 3.0 was released in early 1999, and was followed later by a minor update (version 3.1). Below is a list of the many improvements and new features that were introduced in Version 3:

Even Better Pairing Algorithm

WinTD Version 2 produced very good pairings, but Version 3 is even better. It uses a new algorithm that takes into consideration the entire section, rather than working score group by score group, in an effort to produce the best possible pairings.

View Details of Pairing Decisions

Turning on the new "Log Pairing Logic" preference item (using the File-Preferences operation) causes WinTD to display a detailed record of the pairing process, including the natural pairings and all interchanges and transpositions. If you or one of your players wants to know why WinTD came up with a particular set of pairings, the pairing log should provide all the information you need.

New Pairing Options

The pairing algorithm is now more flexible, with a broader range of options to control pairings. For instance, teammate pairing restrictions can be turned off for high score groups, there are three levels of restrictions on the use of interchanges in correcting colors, and you can use Harkness pairings (dropping the middle player) as an alternative to dropping the lower player.

Round Robin Tournaments

You can now use WinTD to run Round Robin tournaments. You just need to select the "Round Robin" pairing method in the Add/Edit a Section dialog box and you're ready to go.

New Reports Menu

With Version 3, all of the operations which produce printed output or generate reports have been collected under a single new Reports menu for convenience. Also, prize lists, team standings, and upset prize lists are now directed to Report windows, the contents of which can be printed out, exported to disk, or copied into other applications, while before they could only be printed.

Choice of Rating Computation Systems

For computing approximate post-event ratings, WinTD allows you to choose between the proposed new USCF rating system or the existing USCF system.

More Control Over Output Formatting

You now have the ability to select the typeface and type size used for printed output, via the Printer Font... operation on the Reports menu.

More Import/Export Options

Prize lists, team standings, and upset prize lists are now displayed in special spreadsheet-style Report Windows, which allow you to examine the results before printing them, and give you the option of copying and pasting them into other applications, including spreadsheets. You can also export these reports directly to a file in a variety of formats, including HTML (Web) documents.

As in Version 2, you can also export or copy-and-paste information from Players, Games, Master Players, and Team Windows. In Version 3, you can also import players from text or spreadsheet files into Master Player files using the Master-Convert Data File... operation.

Multiple Game Per Round Tournaments

WinTD now allows you to run tournaments which feature multiple games per round between each pair of players (such as double blitz tournaments).

Change Common Info Operation

You can now quickly change information that is common to a group of players on tournament or master files, or teams on team files, using the Change Common Info operations on the Players and Master menus.


Other improvements include the following:

  • You can now choose to have reports printed in "First name Last name" format, rather than "Last name, First name" format.
  • The Add/Edit a Player dialog now allows you to enter titles for each player, such as IM, GM, etc.
  • You can manually change a player's standing within the tournament using the Players-Change Standing operation.
  • You can move a game to a specific board number using Games-Change Board Number.... WinTD will adjust the other board numbers accordingly.
  • Team files now include additional fields to help you categorize and identify teams. You can also use Edit-Change Layout to change the formatting of Team Windows.