WinTD Version 4.11

Version 4.11 was a minor update to 4.1, which

  • Implements the Help system using HTML-based help for compatibility with Vista and Windows 7, and

  • Adds back support for the older USCF tournament uploading format, as they have not yet implemented the newer format (version 4.11 supports both formats, so you will be able to use the improved reporting format when or if it is implemented).

See revision history for a list of the release dates of the various release of WinTD over the years.

WinTD Version 4.1

Version 4.1 included the new features and improvements listed below. See Version 4.0 for information on the features introduced in Versions 4.0, 4.01, and 4.03 (4.02 was a development build that was not widely available).

New Features and Improvements

  • Update USCF report capability for the new (as of now, still forthcoming) USCF specification.

  • Update FIDE norm calculations to match the new specification.

  • Widen country field on FIDE report

  • Add "Update from USCF Website" operation to Players and Master menu, for updating expiration dates of USCF members.

  • Add "Update Grades" and "Convert Case" operation to Master menu

  • Add "most blacks" and "competition average" as tie breaks

  • Widen fields on charts for team tournaments to allow match scores>10

  • Change printing procedures to print wall charts and cross tables as a batch

  • Add pairings number to style sheet for game lists

  • Uses a standard dialog for handling page selections

  • Implement Vista-compatible print dialog

  • Add absolute floor to ratings calculation

  • Team Import: Now compares field names without regard to case

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Correct problem with importing sigma (overwrote local rating)

  • Correct problem with importing rating supplement (missed final record).

  • Substantial corrections for RR-Swiss

  • Correct "orphan game" problem (game not deleted during certain types of re-pairings)

  • Corrections to prize calcs to better deal with "disjoint" eligibility sets (i.e. class prizes rather than "under" prizes)

  • Clean up drop-raise decisions

  • Correct problem with no-score added accelerator when bottom half winners out-number top half non-winners

  • Correct problem when mid point in score group falls between players with same rating (could pair them)

  • Correct tournament title on THEXPORT.DBF

  • Fix problem with "Team Standings" overwriting tournament title on USCF report

  • Correct bye handling in team score dialog

  • Fix problem with USCF export for tournament with exactly 10 rounds