WinTD Version 5.00

The current release of WinTD is Version 5.00. This has many major enhancements over Version 4.20. The new features are:

  • A new, more flexible format for tournament, master player and master team files is replacing the old, fixed format files. (Older files can still be used, but the newer ones are recommended for all future use).
  • The FIDE data base can be downloaded and used to fill in rating information.
  • The full US Chess database (with all ratings) can now be downloaded.
  • FIDE Dutch pairings are supported.
  • The FIDE rating report feature has been updated to create the required text file.
  • Ratings and ID data for US Chess, FIDE, and several online chess player sites can be used.
  • Number of rounds in a tournament is now unlimited.
  • Almost all rules which affect pairings are now included at the section level, rather than in the preferences.
  • There is a new option to control how much color affects pairings, ranging from "high" for FIDE pairings (where color correction takes precedence over ratings) down to "none" for tournaments (such as double-blitz) where there is no advantage gained in color assignments.
  • Almost all rules which affect how team vs team sections are run are now
  • included at the section level, rather than in the preferences.
  • Reports—General Team Standings allows for team standings based upon club or (the new) team(2) codes, and also allows cross section team standings.
  • Drag and drop to a team in team vs team tournaments is now time-stamped so first selected are (by default) ordered first in board order.
  • The new Edit—Standardize Name Format can be used to correct names which imported in the wrong format.
  • Importing of player information, either for tournament entries or for master player lists, has been made more flexible, allowing selection of a particular worksheet off a spreadsheet file, and handling of names split into separate fields for first and last, rather than requiring them to be in a single name field.
  • Section—Reset to Earlier Round deletes games beyond a chosen round to (largely) reset the section to where it was before a particular round was paired.
  • The Player window now has a new available field which can be chosen to show Round+Color, such as W88w to show Win against 88, played white.
  • The Pair a Round dialog has been improved to allow for downgrading teammate and/or club pairing preferences at or above a certain score.
  • Tie breaks are now separately chosen for four different purposes.

If you have an earlier version of WinTD, you can update to 5.00 for just $40.