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Pairing Options

Postby wintdoan » Fri Mar 12, 2021 11:27 am

  • FIDE Dutch pairings are available. (At this point, FIDE hasn't certified these, but from what we can tell, these are done correctly).
  • When using US Chess pairing methods, you can choose how much or little to weigh color problems; from high to none. (None is for, e.g. double round blitz, where no player is disadvantaged due to color). High is similar to FIDE Dutch, but uses US Chess rating-based methods for evaluating switches rather than FIDE's specific orders. (FIDE Dutch uses ratings only to order the players---the actual differences in ratings don't matter).
  • You can downweight the club pairing preference above a certain score, as you currently can with the (stronger) team pairing preference.
  • A hybrid state pairing preference has been added which will not pair players from the same state/country if that state/country has <25% of the entrants.
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