Enders, Applied Econometric Time Series, 3rd edition

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Enders, Applied Econometric Time Series, 3rd edition

Postby TomDoan » Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:24 pm

The attached zip has the examples and data files from Enders, Applied Econometric Time Series, 3rd ed, Wiley 2010. This includes a number of topics which are seen in few if any of the other textbook examples, such as seasonal ARMA models, transfer function models, ARMA-GARCH, bootstrapping and threshold models. These rely fairly heavily on RATS procedures such as @BJIDENT, @VARLAGSELECT, @DFUNIT and @JOHMLE.

This book is available for purchase from Estima. For more information, see http://www.estima.com/textbook_enders.shtml

Zip with programs/data
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Example Description RATS Level
endersp058.rpf Moving average representation (theoretical) Intermediate
endersp072.rpf ARMA models Intermediate
endersp089.rpf ARMA models, forecasting Advanced
endersp099.rpf Seasonal ARMA models Basic
endersp105.rpf ARMA models;Chow test Basic
endersp107.rpf Recursive least squares;threshold regression Intermediate
endersp136.rpf ARCH-GARCH models Basic
endersp137.rpf ARMA-GARCH model; IGARCH model Intermediate
endersp158.rpf GARCH; IGARCH; EGARCH; GARCH-M models Intermediate
endersp168.rpf Multivariate GARCH Intermediate
endersp211.rpf Unit root test Intermediate
endersp226.rpf Seasonal unit root test (HEGY) Intermediate
endersp244.rpf Panel unit root test Intermediate
endersp252.rpf Beveridge-Nelson decomposition Intermediate
endersp253.rpf Beveridge-Nelson decomposition Intermediate
endersp265.rpf Bootstrapping Intermediate
endersp266.rpf Bootstrapping Advanced
endersp269.rpf Unit root test Basic
endersp290.rpf Transfer function model; impulse response to exogenous variable Intermediate
endersp344.rpf SVAR; Blanchard-Quah factorization Basic
endersp377.rpf Cointegration; Enders-Granger tests; VECM Intermediate
endersp382.rpf Cointegration tests; Enders-Granger tests Intermediate
endersp401.rpf Cointegration, estimation by ML Advanced
endersp409.rpf Cointegration; Enders-Granger; ML Advanced
endersp448.rpf Threshold model Basic
endersp450.rpf Threshold model Basic
endersp451.rpf Threshold model Intermediate
endersp454.rpf Threshold model Intermediate
endersp466.rpf STAR model Advanced
endersp480.rpf Threshold unit root test; Enders-Granger test Basic

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