Automatisation of data exporting

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Automatisation of data exporting

Unread postby Jules89 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:50 pm

Dear Tom,

I conduct a repeated analysis for several dates (around 100). The output of each analysis are nine distinct series.
I would like to do either one of the following two tasks within a loop, which iterates over all dates:

1. for each iteration I want to export all nine series to an xls or xlsx or csv file which is named like this: results_2019_12_31.csv, results_2020_01_01.csv, ...... (or .xslsx/.xls files)


2. for each iteration I want to rename all nine series in the following way: Series1_2019_12_31, Series2_2019_12_31, ... , Series9_2019_12_31. Then I want to add all nine series to a data structure that is appened on each iteration by the nine new results. Finally I want to export that data structure to a .xls or .xlsx or .csv file.

Both alternatives are fine for me. Could you give some advice?

Thank you in advance


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