RATS Programming Manual, 1st installment

This is the development of a 2nd Edition of Enders' RATS Programming Manual.

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RATS Programming Manual, 1st installment

Postby TomDoan » Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:04 pm

Attached is the first installment of the 2nd edition of the RATS Programming Manual. Like the 1st edition, this will be a freely available "e-book" designed to help you learn how to use the "programming language" features of RATS---loops, procedures, functions, matrix calculations, etc. This will be presented in installments as we work on it. You're free to post questions and comments if you're a member of the forum.

The programs were written for RATS v8 or later---many will work on v7 (and some on v6 and earlier), but the book is designed to demonstrate best practices given the capabilities of RATS v8.

This first installment includes Chapter 1 (an Introduction) and 2 (on linear regressions and ARIMA models). There are no examples in Chapter 1; the Chapter 2 examples have been zipped. Note that the entire e-book will use just the one data file.

RATS Programming Manual.pdf
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Zip of all examples from Chapter 2
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