RATS Programming Manual, Installment 4

This is the development of a 2nd Edition of Enders' RATS Programming Manual.

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RATS Programming Manual, Installment 4

Postby TomDoan » Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:10 pm

This latest installment of the draft of the 2nd edition of the RATS Programming Manual adds Chapter 5 on "Standard Programming Structures". This includes DO loops, IF-ELSE blocks and WHILE and UNTIL loops. The principal example is a threshold autoregression done first using a fairly inflexible (first "draft") calculation, and then a more flexible coding that uses more advanced programming features like EQUATIONS.

The zip file includes all examples, not just from chapter 5, but from all previous ones.

RATS Programming Manual.pdf
Manual alone
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RATS Programming Manual.zip
Zip with manual, programs, data
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