SHORTANDLONG—Factors with short and long-run restrictions

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SHORTANDLONG—Factors with short and long-run restrictions

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@ShortAndLong takes a covariance matrix, a set of sums of (moving average) lag coefficients from a VAR, and pattern matrices for short run and long run restrictions and produces either a factor of the covariance matrix (if the model is exactly identified) or a re-parameterization if the model as input underidentifies the model.

The basic model is u = Fv, where v are the structural shocks, restricted to be orthonormal, that is, Evv'=I. FF' is thus equal to sigma for a just identified model.

This was updated in August 2016 to provide additional diagnostics, include a test for failure of the Rubio-Ramirez-Waggoner-Zha counting rules and for redundant restrictions in the case of a VECM.

Detailed description

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