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We invite you to join the RATS Internet Mailing List, an e-mail discussion group devoted to the use of the RATS software. This provides a valuable forum for users to exchange questions, suggestions, sample programs, and so on. see "Joining the List" below for instructions on subscribing, and "About the List" below for more information.

This "RATS-L" list was created and is maintained by Rob Trevor, a very experienced RATS user from Sydney, Australia. Our thanks to Rob for all his efforts.

Joining the List

To subscribe to the list, please visit the RATS List web page at:

and scroll down to the "Subscribing to RATS-L" section.

You will need to enter your e-mail address and (optionally) your name, assign yourself a password, select whether or not you want to receive messages in a daily batch (choose "No" to receive individual messages as they are sent), and then click on "Submit"

If necessary, you can contact the list manager at Please note that this address is ONLY to be used for issues directly related to the mailing list, such as problems with subscribing or unsubscribing, or with sending or receiving list email. Any other questions, including sales inquiries, requests for technical support, should be directed to Estima.

About the List

The following is taken from Rob Trevor's welcome message, which you'll receive if you subscribe, and describes the basic purpose and principles of the RATS List:

“Welcome to the mailing list!

This list has been established to enable communication between researchers using the RATS econometrics software from Estima.

Our aim is to provide a convenient forum for users to share their RATS problems, ideas, solutions, PROCS and code amongst themselves to enable all of us to increase our research productivity.

While this list is currently an unmoderated, public subscription list, it is primarily intended for the research community - academics, post-graduate and advanced undergraduate students and government and commercial researchers. Since most of us have little time to wade through copious, irrelevant email messages, it is hoped that we will all be careful about wasting our colleagues time by posting messages that have little to do with RATS, or that are clearly addressed in the manual or on-line help system available with most versions of RATS.

This list is not affiliated in any way with Estima. However, support personnel from Estima are subscribed to this list and may respond to postings where appropriate. You may contact Estima Technical Support directly by mailing Requests for RATS pricing, orders, or upgrades should be addressed to You may also wish to visit the Estima World Wide Web Site at

To post a message to all the list members, send email to

I hope that you find this list helpful.

Rob Trevor

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