RATS Econometrics Software

RATS is our econometrics software package. See RATS features for a listing of its capabilities and RATS Pricing for pricing on new licenses.


CATS is a sophisticated menu-driven RATS procedure for Cointegration analysis and testing. Note that you must have the RATS software in order to use CATS.

Courses and Seminars

If you need greater detail on how to use RATS for a particular topic (such as Vector Autoregressions or State-Space Models), we offer web or e-mail based courses. See Courses and Seminars for our current offerings. We also can provide in-person training seminars.

We are also pleased to make available Walter Enders' "e-book", the RATS Programming Manual free of charge.

Other Software Products

Estima also develops and sells the WinTD chess tournament pairing software.


See Ordering Information about placing orders.