We offer time-limited "classroom" versions of RATS. These are otherwise fully functional versions of our Standard WinRATS or MacRATS software which will run for one year from the date of first use. Note that unlike the similar product offered by a major competitor, these have no special restrictions on either the size of the data that you can use or restriction on the statistical or programming capabilities. The only change we made to these compared with a full Standard license was the one-year limitation.

When purchased in quantity (5 or more), classroom RATS (for Windows or Mac) is $30 without printed documentation (PDF's only) or $80 with the standard set of printed manuals. If you want the individual students to purchase this from us, please contact sales@estima.com in advance. We'll give you ordering instructions for the students.

Classroom RATS as Part of Multiple User License

If you have a multiple user license for RATS and keep your update subscription current, you can use "classroom" licenses as part of your user count at no additional charge.

Student Discounts

An alternative to classroom RATS for individual students (rather than those in a class) is our Student Discount. This provides a substantial discount on permanent licenses which the student can take with after leaving school, and also allows the student the option of getting the upgraded Professional version.