The following is an index to all of the instructions available in RATS, grouped by category. Choose from the categories below to see the list of instructions for that category.

Note that you can also get help on a specific instruction by clicking on the "Search" button above, and selecting or typing in the name of the desired instruction.

Estimation Instructions
Instructions for estimating linear, nonlinear, neural net models, etc. Does not include BoxJenkins and VAR estimation instructions, which are covered in sections described below.

Hypothesis Testing Instructions
Instructions for testing hypothesis and estimating restricted regressions.

Forecasting Instructions
Instructions for generating forecasts, simulations, etc.

BoxJenkins Instructions
Instructions for estimating ARIMA models

Vector Autoregression Instructions
Instructions for setting up, estimating, and analyzing Vector Autoregression models.

Equation Instructions
Instructions for setting up equations, formulas and models, which are used for estimation, forecasting, and simulation.

Statistics Instructions
Instructions for generating descriptive statistics.

Scalar/Array Instructions
Instructions for evaluating scalar and matrix calculations, setting scalar and array variables.

Series Instructions
Various instructions for working with data series, including transformations, displaying data, etc.

File Handling Instructions
Instructions for writing and reading data and other information from disk files.

Graphics Instructions
Instructions for generating time series graphs and XY scatter plots

Display Instructions
Instructions for displaying information to the screen or a file.

Programming Instructions
Instructions used in writing loops, interactive procedures, IFELSE blocks, etc.

Procedure Instructions
Instructions for writing and executing RATS procedures.

Frequency Domain Instructions
All the instructions used for frequency domain analysis.

Miscellaneous Instructions
Other instructions not covered in the above categories