This page provides pricing information for new single-user licenses for RATS for UNIX/Linux. See Multiple User Pricing if you are interested in a multiple-user licenses or Update Pricing if you want to update an existing license.

Standard and Professional Level

We offer both "Standard" and "Professional" levels of UNIX RATS.

Currently, the "Professional" level includes four features not available in the "Standard":

  • An additional instruction (called X11) implementing the Census Bureau's X11/X12-ARIMA seasonal adjustment routines.
  • Support for reading and writing FAME data files (requires FAME software)
  • Support for reading CRSP data files

Note that the "executable only" option is not available for the Professional level of RATS since you need your own libraries to link in either FAME or CRSP support.


Standard Level

$600.00 UNIX/Linux systems (with source code)
$500.00 Linux (executable only)
$300.00 Linux (executable only), Zone B academic price

Professional Level

$650.00 UNIX/Linux systems
$450.00 UNIX/Linux systems, Zone B academic price

You can purchase additional single-user licenses for $350 each for any of the above (except where the price is naturally less than $350).


Each license can be ordered either as a "boxed product" with a full set of printed manuals, or as "electronic delivery" which has the documentation in PDF format. The software itself is delivered electronically by downloading a TGZ file from our web site.

Shipping Costs

There are no shipping costs to any destination if you choose electronic delivery.

If you choose boxed product, shipping is free to anywhere in the contiguous US (via UPS Ground service). For destinations in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, add $35.00 for the first license (contact Estima for a quote when ordering multiple copies). For all other destinations, including US possessions, add $65.00 for the first license (contact Estima for a quote when ordering multiple copies).

Sales Tax/VAT

Illinois residents add 10.25% sales tax (unless you can provide a sales tax exemption). We do not collect sales tax or VAT on any other orders shipped outside of Illinois, however, you may owe an import tax or VAT that will be collected by your customs authorities.

Orders for products that include source code must be accompanied by a signed License and Non-disclosure agreement.


You can order or your local reseller.