This page provides prices for updating or upgrading existing single user licenses of RATS for Windows or Macintosh to the current release. Please see Multiple user licenses or UNIX Updates for update information for other RATS licenses.

The table below shows all possible update and upgrade paths for single user licenses. You can either update the software at your current level (Standard or Pro), or you can upgrade a Standard to RATS Professional.

Update/Upgrade Prices (Windows or Macintosh)

RATS Pro 9.2 or older RATS Pro 10.1$150
RATS Std 9.2 or older RATS Std 10.1$150
RATS Std 9.2 or older RATS Pro 10.1$300

Platform Switches

If you are doing a full-version update (from 9.2 or earlier), you can switch platforms from Windows to Mac or vice versa. If you do switch, please include a note about it in the order, as otherwise, we'll contact you to verify that you intended to choose a different platform.

Shipping and Handling

For any updates to RATS shipped to the United States (lower 48 states), there is no shipping charge.

Additional shipping charges do apply on all other update/upgrades shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and any destinations outside the U.S., as indicated in the table below.

If you prefer to avoid shipping costs on software orders, we offer the option of purchasing the software only, with no printed copies of the manuals, with the software downloaded from our web site. PDF versions of the documentation are included with the downloaded software (and are on the install CD if you get a "boxed" product).

U.S. (48 states)None
AK, HI, Canada$30
All others$65

Sales Tax and Other Taxes

Illinois residents must add 10.25% sales tax. We do not collect sales tax or VAT on any other orders shipped outside of Illinois, however, you may owe an import tax or VAT that will be collected by your customs authorities.

Please contact us at sales@estima.com for quotes on updating multiple copies, network or cluster licenses, or if you have any other questions.