RATS/CATS Discussion Forum

Our discussion forum is located at www.estima.com/forum.

This provides a convenient way for RATS users to discuss programming ideas and econometric issues, share examples and procedures, and exchange ideas. The support staff at Estima are active participants; we often post code and examples on the forums before they appear anywhere else, and make an effort to respond to questions when possible.

Messages posted there continue to remain visible, making it easier for newcomers to find answers to previously asked questions as well as posted sample code, procedures, announcements, and other information. Searching the forum for the author(s) of a paper may be the quickest way to find information.

Guests may view any of the posts on the forum, but may not post their own messages.

To post your own messages, you will need to register as a user on the forum. Registration is restricted to users with legal, licensed copies of our RATS software. In order to register, you will need to provide your serial number or other license verification information. If you are using a license at a large institution but register using a "generic" e-mail address (like gmail or yahoo), we will probably ask for further information before accepting your registration.

RATS Email Discussion List

The RATS Internet Mailing list ("RATS-L") is an an e-mail discussion group devoted to the use of the RATS software. This email list was created and is maintained by Rob Trevor, a very experienced RATS user from Sydney, Australia. Our thanks to Rob for all his efforts. This is no longer in active use. Please use the web-based forum instead.