Recent editions of our RATSLetter newsletter are available for downloading in Adobe PDF format:

  • November 2018 RATSletter
    Contents: RATS Version 10. Kilian-Lutkepohl and Franses-Van Dijk-Opschoor textbook examples. New and Updated Procedures.

  • June 2018 RATSletter
    Contents: ARCH/GARCH Volatility course, 2nd ed. Diagnostics in Large Data Sets. Toda-Yamamoto Causality Test: A Cautionary Tale.

  • January 2018 RATSletter
    Contents: Updated Switching Models and State-Space Models courses. MS-GARCH models. Evaluating GARCH forecasts. Different Switching Models.

  • May 2017 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 9.2 of RATS, new and updated programs, Enders 4th edition examples.

  • June 2016 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 9.1 of RATS, updated VAR e-course, new and updated replications.

  • October 2014 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 9.0 of RATS, new and updated programs and textbook examples, the RATS Programming Manual 2nd Edition.

  • October 2013 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 8.3 of RATS, materials for the ARCH/GARCH e-course, computing diagnostic residuals for Markov-switching models.

  • September 2012 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 8.2 of RATS, news on our upcoming web course on ARCH and GARCH models, descriptions of new procedures and example programs, links to RATS programs on RePEc and more.

  • September 2011 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 8.1 of RATS, news on our upcoming web course on Panel Data, descriptions of dozens of new procedures and example programs, and more.

  • December 2010 RATSletter
    Contents: Details on the new Version 8.0 of RATS. This is a major upgrade, with completely revised manuals, many new interface features, improved data management and report-generation capabilities, and much more. The newsletter also includes details on four Course Materials packages available for purchase. These are derived from our web courses on Bayesian Econometrics, State Space/DSGE Models, Vector Autoregression Models, and Structural Break/Switching Models. You'll also find information on more than two dozen new example programs and procedures.

  • January 2010 RATSletter
    Contents: RATS Version 7.3 Announced. Plus: a story on using DSGE Models at the Bank of Canada; details on many new examples and procedures; information on our free Handbook and example code for Juselius' The Cointegrated VAR Model; information on purchasing the course materials from the three web-courses we ran in 2009 (on Bayesian Econometrics, State Space/DSGE, and VAR models); and more. (This issue carries over some information from the web-only September 2009 edition).

  • March 2009 RATSletter
    Contents: (web-only edition, not mailed out) Details on Version 7.2 of RATS, including more speed and 64-bits for Windows users; X=12-ARIMA seasonal adjustment features and FRED database access for Pro users; and new Wizards and functions for everyone. Also, an article on Sign Restrictions for Impulse Responses, information on our "Bayesian Economics" web course, and a look at new procedures and textbooks.

  • July 2008 RATSletter
    Contents: Details on Version 7.1 of RATS; new "DISAGGREGATE" procedure for converting data to a higher frequency; many other new procedures and paper-replication examples.

  • October 2007 RATSletter
    Contents: It's all about RATS 7.0! An overview of the new features, a closer look at the graphics improvements, the new DSGE instruction, and more.

  • April 2007 RATSletter
    Contents: RATS 6.35; Training in Montreal this June; Vista Compatibility; new textbooks; new procedures and examples; and more.

  • October 2006 RATSletter
    Contents: RATS 6.3: MacRATS for OS X, new interface for UNIX and Linux; Portfolio Optimization example using LQPROG; Fan Chart Example; New RATS Software Web Forum; and more.

  • March 2006 RATSletter
    Contents: CATS 2.0; Version 6.2 of RATS; New Network/Multi-User Licensing options; Singular Value Decomposition functions; New Procedures, and more.

  • July 2005 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 6.1 of RATS; an article on Smooth Transition Autoregressive Models; Details on many new procedures, examples (including worked textbook examples; and more.

  • February 2005 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 6.02 of RATS; New Address for Estima; New Procedures and Examples; Solving DGSE models; New Textbooks Available; and more.

  • August 2004 RATSletter
    Contents: Version 6.01 for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X includes bug fixes and new features; maintenance contract options; Classroom RATS; new procedures and Textbook examples on the website; complete details on RATS Version 6, plus information on an upcoming RATS conference in Ireland and more.

  • March 2004 RATSletter
    Contents: Complete details on RATS Version 6, plus information on an upcoming RATS conference in Ireland and more.

  • October 2003 RATSletter
    Contents: RATS Training Sessions, news on RATS 5.11 and a new "Pro" version of RATS for Windows that will include X11 seasonal adjustment and a FAME interface, a look ahead to RATS Version 6, some new procedures, and more.

  • July 2003 RATSletter
    Contents: Details on RATS Version 5.10, including callable functions, the new report generator, new menu-driven Wizards, improved Monte Carlo and Bootstrapping support, and more.

  • April 2003 RATSLetter
    Contents: Includes details on the soon-to-be-released Version 5.04 of RATS, a new book by Walter Enders on Advanced RATS Programming (to be distributed free of charge via our website), and a host of new and updated RATS procedures. Plus: details on our classroom/educational offerings, tips on using GRTEXT, an updated multivariate-GARCH example program, and more.

  • November 2002 RATSLetter
    Contents: Monte Carlo Integration revisited, RATS 5.03, lots of new procedures, Importance Sampling, Arellano-Bond and other Panel Data estimations, Economic Databases, Wooldridge examples, and more.

  • July 2002 RATSLetter
    Contents: Version 5.02 update now available; Panel Data Estimation; Benchmarking using DLM; New Procedures; New Textbooks; Generalized Impulse Responses; and more.

  • August 2001 RATSLetter
    Contents: Version 5 released for Mac and UNIX platforms; Estima now reselling US Economic Databases from Haver Analytics; More econometrics texts available from Estima; Manual Errata for Version 5; New procedures; and more.

  • September 2000 RATSLetter
    Contents: Details on Version 5, including revised documentation, improvements to non-linear estimation, dozens of new functions, improved panel data handling, tools for probability and random number generation, simplified handling of error correction models, and new state-space modeling capabilities.

  • August 1999 RATSLetter
    Contents: News on DRI and OECD databases, examples of "series splicing" and a GMM instrument selection procedure, RATS for educational uses, a lookup table procedure, a listing of recent procedure postings on the website, and more.

  • December 1998 RATSLetter
    Contents: RATS 4.3 for the Macintosh, examples of Markov switching models, Gibbs sampling and other Bayesian techniques, random draw toolkit, Y2K update, and more.