RATS is an excellent tool for use in undergraduate and graduate-level courses in econometrics and time series analysis. We describe below the various options for obtaining RATS licenses for student use.

Classroom RATS

We offer time-limited "classroom" versions of RATS for Windows and Mac. These will run for 1 year from the date of first use but are otherwise fully functional versions of our Standard software.

Student Discounts

Full-time students can purchase full versions of RATS at a substantial discount off the list price. See Student Discounts for additional details.

Multi-User Licenses

Educational institutions can also purchase multi-user licenses for school network or computer lab installations, providing access for both students and faculty. Prices start with 3-user licenses, and are available for any size installation.

Institutions with multi-user licenses also have the option of distributing CDs with the time-limited Classroom RATS software (described above) to students and faculty, as long as the total number of users does not exceed the size of the license. This would allow you to support both a Windows and Mac user base.

Please contact Estima for details.