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Student Discounts

Qualified students can purchase any version of RATS at $200.00 off the list price. With the discount, prices for RATS products are as follows:

WinRATS $300.00
WinRATS Professional $450.00
MacRATS $300.00
MacRATS Professional$450.00

Students can also purchase CATS in RATS for $125.00, rather than the usual price of $175.00.

Illinois residents must add 9.00% sales tax. Students outside the U.S. must pay the regular shipping costs.


To qualify for the discounted pricing, you must:

  1. Be currently enrolled as a full time student, and
  2. Be purchasing the software for your own personal use.

Students will need to supply verification of student status. Acceptable forms of verification include any one of the following:

Photocopies of student ID cards are generally not acceptable.

Software packages ordered at student prices are identical to the full price versions, and include the full documentation. The only difference is the price.

We also offer a package called Classroom RATS for Windows and Macintosh platforms. Classroom RATS is essentially identical to the standard versions, but is has an "expiration date", beyond which it will no longer function. See Educational Licenses for more information.

Placing an Order

You can place your order online using our Online Order Page. Note that your order will not ship until you mail, fax, or email us verification of your student status, as described above.

If you prefer, you can download and print out the RATS Order Form, which includes a a section for ordering at the student price.

Discounts are currently not available on UNIX versions of RATS, or on our database products.

Other Educational Licensing Options

If you are a professor interested in using RATS in your classes, please see Educational Licenses for an overview of ways to make RATS available to students and faculty at your school. Estima Standard Footer

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