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Welcome to the RATS Help Facility. If you are just now installing the software, you should see the Read Me page.

If you are new to RATS in general, we recommend that you check out the Getting Started with RATS page.


If you are new to this particular version of RATS, check out the Release Notes to see what's new with this version of RATS. If you're several versions behind, you can find a list of changes going back many versions on our web site.


Note that the menu- and dialog-driven Wizards available on the View, Data/Graphics, Statistics, and Time Series menus provide a convenient way to do many standard RATS tasks without having to type in commands yourself.

Using the RATS Language

Getting Started with RATS

Using the Instruction Descriptions in Help

List of Instructions

List of Functions

Working with the RATS Editor

RATS Editor (Interactive Mode)

Window Types

Executing Instructions


Working with RATS Format Data Files

Running in Batch Mode

The RATS Editor Menus

File Menu

Edit menu

View Menu

Data/Graphics Menu

Statistics menu

Time Series Menu

Window Menu





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